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«Syaivo» Center Contributed in Organization of an Amazing Program for Talented Children

cocuk yardımm 8mart2019The International Cultural Center «Syaivo» which actively performs social activities participated in charitable event organized by the charity fund «With Warmth in the Heart» that takes care of children with physical disabilities.

The fund annually arranges a great event, supported and joined by people who cannot remain indifferent to the problems faced by children with special needs. The event provides children with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and talents in various fields of art and creativity.

This yearʼs celebration has already been held for the third time, and «Syaivo» Center has traditionally joined it. The part of festive program was devoted to the fashion show that gathered 35 young models. In addition, a series of events in the category «Mother-Daughter» was conducted in order to help parents of many children and those with special needs.

The event joined by «Syaivo» Center, gathered many public figures, friends and partners of the «Warmth in the heart» fund, as well as the representatives of media. The representatives of the above-mentioned fund expressed a huge gratitude to all friends and partners who willingly helped in organizing the festive program. The International Cultural Center «Syaivo» was also mentioned among the organizations honored for good deeds.