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A cozy evening at «Syaivo»

Sertifika toreni 27mart 2019On March 27, 2019, the International Cultural Center «Syaivo» hospitably opened its doors to the graduates of Turkish language classes that have reached a new level in learning of this language. Both students and teachers of our center attended the event, which has already become a good tradition. The meeting was held in a relaxed atmosphere, so it resembled a gathering of friends who have the same hobby.

A friendly conversation was accompanied by drinking Turkish tea and tasting baklava, known as one of the main sweet symbols of Turkish cuisine. The participants of the event discussed a wide range of issues related to Turkish language and culture. Students told about the difficulties they have encountered during studying and shared their observations and amazing impressions about traveling to Turkey. They also asked the expertsʼ opinion about some nuances of Turkish grammar. The students of «Syaivo» sought to get more information about effective methods of learning foreign languages and the most efficient ways of comprehending various grammar patterns and constructions.

The discussion was devoted, in particular, to proverbs and sayings in Turkish: according to the students, this aspect was one of the most difficult and at the same time one of the most amazing ones in the process of studying. Numerous Ukrainian-Turkish language parallels given by the teachers illustrated this statement.

The employees of «Syaivo» acted as moderators of the event, during which its guests did not feel bored even for a moment. There was no need to search for new topics to discuss since both the teachers and the students were fully involved in their joint hobby.

The informal part of the meeting was followed by the awarding ceremony: «Syaivo»s students, that completed their A2 and B1 levels, were glad to receive diplomas assuring their success in Turkish language proficiency. After it, the students and their teachers were involved in a small photoset to keep the memories of that day.