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Andriy Kurkov presented his new novel in «Syaivo»

Kurkov Kitapp Tanitim Aralik2018Recently the International Cultural Center «Syaivo» held an event to honor a well-known Ukrainian writer and scenarist Andriy Kurkov, famous for his 19 novels, 9 books for children, 20 documentaries, numerous literary works and television scenarios. Andriy Kurkov, whose novels were translated into more than 36 languages, is widely known both in Ukraine and abroad. The literary event gathered the professors of Kyiv’s higher education institutions, journalists, students and the above-mentioned author’s fans.

The opening word of the evening was given to Volodymyr Serhiychuk, who is a chairman of the board of «Syaivo» and a professor of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Volodymyr Serhiychuk known for his works upon the history of Ukraine and its people’s evolution is also the author of nearly 100 books aimed at discovery of formerly hidden and unavailable facts of Ukrainians’ rebellious history.

Telling about forms and methods of his literary experiments Andriy Kurkov revealed many secrets concerning the way he works over his literary style, various images of his novels’ characters and their complicated relations. The author also shared some professional life hacks with the guests. Having remarked that he annually spends a lot of his time travelling around the world, Andriy Kurkov emphasized that he always tries not just to visit the main historical and cultural places of the country he comes to, but also observe and explore the way its people act, communicate, look and gesticulate. According to the writer, it gives him a clue about the way his future characters may behave and look like. Thus, Andriy Kurkov purposed to prove that nothing goes without a trace. Speaking of his new novels «The Schengen Areas» and «Gray Bees» Mr. Kurkov mentioned that while creating his novels he tends to show a real life with all its advantages and disadvantages. In order to prove it he illustrated this statement with several examples from these two novels.

Evaluating the current state of Ukrainian literature and exploring some authors’ works, Andriy Kurkov conducted an analysis of foreign and modern Ukraineʼs book markets. The analysis was based on his foreign colleagues’ and his own experience. In Mr. Kurkovʼs opinion today’s Ukraineʼs book market is still mixed and undeveloped as though it exposes quite different genres. According to him, since national writers do their best to supply our book market with better literary works Ukraine has a chance to gradually create its own cultural space filled with qualitative products. Mr. Kurkov thinks that it will enable Ukrainians feel they are the one and discover their identity.

At the end of the meeting, Andriy Kurkov answered numerous questions of the participants of the literary event, who visited «Syaivo» that winter evening.